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Payroll service benefits

galochka We produce all the necessary payroll documentation

galochka We file all returns for you

galochka We provide unlimited business advice to our clients

galochka We communicated with HMRC direct

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Being an employer means shouldering extra responsibilities related to the preparation of thePayroll. Such includes recording employees’; pay, calculating deductions like NationalInsurance and tax, as well as producing individual payslips for each employee. Furthermore,you have to submit Real Time Information (RTI) returns to the HMRC (HM Revenue andCustoms) in a Full Payment Submission.

All these can be daunting considering that your employees might each be earning varyingamounts of salary. Besides, failure to report the correct pay and deductions on time, orreporting underpaid tax and National Insurance to HMRC can result in penalties or evenclosure of your PAYE scheme.

To eliminate disruptions of business operations, avoidable costs, and fines, or even losingyour Pay As You Earn plan, you require an efficient Payroll service in place.

If you need help with payroll, be it to set up Payroll, changing your Payroll service provider,or to stop running your payroll in-house to get more time to focus on your business, we offerreliable, comprehensive payroll management service. Our services have a low cost peremployee benefit, ranging from £4 per payslip, and are suitable for various business levelssizes and budgets.

What our Payroll Service Entails?


  • Unlimited expert supportand advice from a dedicated payroll clerk all through the year, who handles alldocumentation, preparation, filing and reporting in compliance with the HMRC regulations.

  • Access to several options of payslip productionwhich includes weekly, fortnightly, after four weeks, monthly, quarterly or as you wish.

  • Timely RTI Returns submissions – we process and claim employment allowance on your behalf.

  • Preparation and processingof the employee Starter, Leave or End-year forms like the P45, P46, and the P60.

  • Help in handling employee’s paynamely; holiday pay, SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) as well asstudent loan deductions.

  • We will correspond with the HMRC on your behalf,and represent you in case of an HMRC payroll inquiry.

  • We email you payslips, forms and related documents in a fast and efficient manner.

  • We will send you automatic email notifications to remind you when the payroll becomesdue, consequently eliminating the possibilities of fines resulting from late filing.

How our Payroll service works?

We value your time, and that is why we do not waste it on elaborate and complicatedprocedures. Therefore, despite offering a comprehensive Payroll Management solution, weensure that our service remains straightforward and easy enough for any business owner ormanager to use.

Once you contract us to manage your payroll, we will email you a form to help us understandyour business payroll requirements and capture vital information such as frequency ofemployee payment, type of remuneration, whether wage or salary and so on.

Armed with this information, we will proceed to set up your payroll and on each payday, youonly need to inform us of how long a particular employee worked. After which, we willprepare payslips along with a summary detailing how much is due to each employee and theamount due to HMRC.

Upon request we can furnish you with timesheets at no extra charge, to help you in thecollection of employee information.

Since we offer a comprehensive payroll management service that meets the industry-bestpractices and the HMRC standards, we save you from the payroll related hassles andheadaches, thereby giving you more time to focus your time and resources to effectivelyrunning your business.


How much do I pay for the service?


Our comprehensive payroll management service costs a fixed monthly fee of £5 for up to twocompany directors, or £4 for each employee payslip. The cost, however, must not be less than£12 which is our minimum monthly charge.


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