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Clients Say

1John Benson, Factory Littles

Spiria have been doing my taxreturn and account for a few years and I would be lost withoutthem. I run a smallbusiness but completing personal tax return is like another language tome. With Spiria my business is looked after and all deadlines are met professionally.

4Allan George, Consultan

Spiria have been looking after my tax liability for quite a few years now. They have done anexcellent job and have certainly saved me more than I have had to pay fortheir services.

2Sandra Harrison, Bikes Direct

We have worked with Spiria Accountants for over years and have consistently beenimpressed by their efficiencyand professionalism. For a company of our size it is vital thatthe financial side of our business is managed in an efficient manner. The standard expectationfrom your accountant would be to comply with HMRC and prepare accurate returns. Spiriago above and beyond that and help us make key business decisions about the future growth ofour business. We have developed a close relationship with our dedicated accountant and lookforward to continue working with them in the future.

3Gareth Molly, Arrow Communication

My wife and I run a successful communications business in London. We don’t understandtax, run away from numbers, and get vertigo when we look at spreadsheets.Lana makes ourpain go away. She is an expert accountant – as you would expect. But she gets us as clients,understands our needs and translates them into actions. She speaks to us in a language weunderstand. She puts in the extra miles and makes us feel valued. We trust her.

5Anna Jones, Driving Instructor

My previous accountant charged me more than double what I am now paying with Spiria, soI am obviously very pleased.